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Other Class Info.

How may I contact you?  
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I may be reached during school hours at 334-569-2925 (ask for Miss Baldomero, room 50) or email me anytime at

What should my child know prior to kindergarten?  
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What should your child know and be able to do prior to Kindergarten? 

Here's a list! 

(Don't worry if s/he can't do it all- I"m happy to work with your child to master all of this and more this year!)

Personal/Hygiene: How to tie shoes, care for personal toiletry needs, boys should be coached on how to use a urinal while both boys and girls should be familiar with using the restroom, flushing the toilet and washing their hands appropriately after EVERY visit to the restroom


Social Skills:  Use good manners, follow simple directions, respect authority and other children

Important Info:  State address and phone number, first and last name (given name, not just nickname) and birthday



Motor Skills:  How to open, close and use glue properly, hold and use scissors properly and hold a pencil correctly

Skills:  Write first name (begin with uppercase letter, all others lowercase), print awareness (left-right, know difference between a letter and a word), recognize colors, recite alphabet (not just sing the song), count to 10, recognize basic shapes, recognize some of the alphabet (especially letters in his/her own name)





Box Tops for Education  
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Our school participates in the Box Tops for Education program! 

As you purchase eligible items throughout the year, please clip the Box Tops and send them in periodically. 

Our school earns 10 cents for each box top so please don't throw them away- send them our way!

What are Book Buddies and what do they do?  
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The term 'Book Buddies' stands for a school-wide initiative which pairs classes at different grade levels to promote literacy and other academic and social skills. 

We are so lucky to be Book Buddies with Mrs. Acre's Third Grade Class!  Kindergartners loooove their Book Buddies! 

We will kick off the school year by leading our Book Buddies on a week-long treasure hunt for clues regarding who their Book Buddies will be.  Once they know whose class they will be pairing with (ours) we will have a Meet and Greet session to introduce ourselves to one another.  This will allow children some time to get to know their Book Buddies.  Our goal will be to meet at least once a week for the duration of the school year. 

Any contributions you might like to send for Book Buddies (i.e. bookmarks, highlighters, post-it notes, snacks/treats) are greatly appreciated!  When we combine my Kindergarten with Mrs. Acre's Third Grade we have about 40 students.